Alan Burns Radio

Here She Comes 2010

Alan Burns and Associates has conducted the largest study of women radio listeners ever. We studied women 15 to 54 and profiled their…

  • Attitudes toward radio
  • Usage of radio and its online efforts
  • Music and morning show preferences
  • Contest and promotional inclinations
  • Digital media usage
  • and their own Personal Priorities and Values.

The 2010 "Here She Comes" results are contained in a series of four webinars:

  1. Here She Comes 2010: Total Headlines — Download
  2. Here She Comes 2010: CHR Deep Dive —  Download
  3. Here She Comes 2010: AC Deep Dive —  Download
  4. Here She Comes 2010: At-Work Listening —  Download

Also Available: What 2,000 Women Said About Morning Radio. To view or download Alan's presentation from Morning Show Boot Camp 2010.

  1. 2010 Boot Camp Presentation: What 2,000 Women Said About Morning Radio —  Download